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Processing Grief for Mental Health

When you're grieving, it's important to check in on your mental health, look out for warning signs, and build up your resilience. Guest writer Jessica Liria, from the David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health, shares tips on how to do this.

Grief: Recognizing Where We Are

When I was grieving, I felt my world had stopped. My biggest adjustment was knowing that the world wouldn’t stop for me. It doesn’t stop for anyone who has lost a loved one. If you want to get back to your life, you must make changes and move along with it.

Celebrating Mother’s Day After Loss

Mother’s Day recalls all things maternal – warm and wonderful hugs, children’s homemade cards, a delicious dinner, mom’s loving kisses and smiles. But Mother’s Day can be extremely challenging for children who have lost a mother.

Why I Write About Grief

I write about grief and people ask me if I am a psychologist because of the subject matter that I write about. I am not a psychologist. I am a writer. But psychology and why people act the way they do


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