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Richard Ballo and Kay Suthar Podcast
February 14, 2024

Join Kay as she welcomes Richard Ballo for a thought-provoking conversation that delves into the art of writing and the resilience of the human spirit. As an award-winning author, widower, and national speaker specializing in grief and bereavement, Richard brings a wealth of experience. Having made notable appearances on radio, TV, and stages nationwide, he shares insights into writing, mainly when crafting one’s books. Beyond his literary accomplishments, Richard’s involvement as a former board member of Avow Hospice of Naples in Florida, a board member of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, and vice president of the Florida Drowning Prevention Foundation reflects his commitment to community and advocacy. Despite life’s challenges, Richard’s story takes a positive turn as a happily remarried individual and a proud grandfather.

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Drinking with Authors Podcast Logo Richard Ballo
May 9, 2023

Richard Ballo has been a published writer since 1972, and a professional writer since 1980. Today he is an award-winning author and popular national speaker on the topics of grief, bereavement and healing, and overcoming obstacles. His journal of healing became the award-winning book Life without Lisa. The book won the Florida Publisher’s And Author’s Association President’s Pick award.